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My Boyfriend's Roommate

30 April 23

Would you like young girls in school? Their lovely bodies covered in school clothes? What makes you angry when you see young schoolgirls staring at you? This young lady was in the hands of a pervert who wanted to do some sort of sexual experiment. He really likes watching young schoolgirls urinate. at his request. And today, after capturing this young student, this sicko arouses her nipples to inflict irreparable harm. Rascally rude and seductive. especially considering the little schoolgirl has a shaven pussy.


13 May 23

You are playing as a character named Guukruxx. Sounds strange? Well, your name sounds no more strange than you look - you are a green octopus-like alien! Yet having so many hands has not saved you from getting your spaceship wrecked. Luckily enough you were saved and your saviour is hot looking (and gentically altered) woman Rebecca and from now on all of your tentacles will be working for one goal only - to get into Rebecca's panties!

Dark Forest Stories: Scooby-Doo

31 October 23

The Scooby gang is planning to have a good time at Fred's big fancy mansion yet when they all arrive at the place the owner of the house is nowhere to be found! And this is only the beginning of incredibly spooky, creepy and sexy events that are going to happen with our heroes while they will be solving the mysterious disappearnce of their teammate in this mix of visual novel and quest and puzzle parody with elements of erotics!

Elven Ellona R1

27 January 23

This is an interactive simulation game in which you'll be able to help a busty elf go through many adventures to achieve her goal. The game consists of a significant number of levels to pass which you have to go through many obstacles and dangers. Also in the game there are a large number of weapons that will help you in passing the levels. With the help of weapons, you can knock opponents out of their way and thus pass on. I also want to note that the game has a very interesting storyline and at the end of the game you will find out what led to such consequences that you don't even know whether to be happy or upset.

Hentai Literature Club

16 May 23

School days are not only the time of study routine - it is also the after-lessons time to meet your good friends and share your interests! You enjoy books and reading so having literature club is a big luck... but it happens that you are the only guy among all the sweet and pretty and cute ladies! Well, for a horny guy like you it is double luck! But how many of their 'books 'you will be able to 'read '?

Attack on Sluts

16 May 23

Did you ever wanted to to visit the world of "Attack on Titan" from less violent and more romantic side? Then play this visual novel in which you will get the chance not only to live a life one of the elite warriros but also to build a harem of the most famous female character of the series such as Mikasa Akerman, Annie Leonhart, Historia Reiss and Sasha Blouse! Game also has many elements of roleplaying, dating simulator and management.

Simple Days

9 November 23

You are playing as a young guy in the very beginning of his own life - the school years are finally left behind and here comes the time for first job, first cars and truck, first appartment... yet pretty soon you realise that all of these will have to wait after you will fuck your first gal! But be careful since even the simple choices on this step of your life may affect everything that follows.

Bocchi The Fakku Ex

8 October 23

What do you need for a good hentai themed game? Story, dialogs? No! Waht you need is sweet looking chick with nice boobs who just waits for you to come and undress her so you could finally get to the main point: to teasing, groping, fingering and tittyfucking her! And so nothing would distract you from the process we have simple controls and first person perspective! Enjoy!

9 Cells of Pussy

27 September 21

"9 Cells of Pussy" is not very hard but still fun to play sliding puzzle minigame in which you are going to have a lot of sexy content as rewards. The main gameplay idea is to put nine puzzle pieces in their proper positions so theywould form a solid videopicture and once you will manage to do that you could enjoy the videoclip. After that you can get to the next level. The fact that there will be used not the usual static pictures but animated images will bring an additional challenge into the process yet at the very same time it will provide you with more fun experience. And ofcourse if you are enjoying to watch hot erotic models putting their delicious bodycurves into exciting actionthen you are definitely going to enjoy this game!

Nemuri Mouto

26 May 23

When coming home you meet an unexpected guest there - your step-sister is going to live at your house through the entire summer! At first you find this fact quite frustrating yet the more you will know about your stepsis the closer you two will get. And the answer for your next question about how close you can get is: as long as you touching and undressing her in a proper places you two wont have any troubles.

Manila Shaw: Blackmail`s Obsession

28 August 23

Manila is not only lovely woman and police officer but she is also. a virgin! Yet keeping everything this way becomes harder and harder with each new day - from the perverted punks on the streets and passionte secret fans up to many men who would love to use their influence to get Manila's services (and the working ones). Yet everything gets really serious when certan blackmailing material puts Manila into the most vulnerable position than any before...

Aurora Origin

10 May 23

This is the first part of a whole game series of erotic toys in which it is always very hot. We 'll get to know a number of new characters and form relationships with them, some of them friendly and some of them much more. At the same time, we can supplement our knowledge of the Aurora universe by passing the main story with new knowledge and revealing a number of secrets. The game promises to give everyone who takes on it not only excellent behavioral opportunities and an interesting plot, but also very hot scenes. In my opinion, this is perhaps the main highlight of the project. And this is what can make the game even more interesting and vibrant.

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