Pussymon Vignette 01

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Pussymon: Vignette 01

21 December 18

The very beginning of one pretty long yet quite arousing path of a yuong hero in gathering collection of the most sexy looking and at precisely the exact same time dangerous when it comes to battle wooly creatures aka pussymons which afterwards will be known as"The Pussymon Saga" and will get dozens and dozens of scenes (which you are able to look for at our wbeiste as well) crammed with adventrues, humor, quests, exploration, turn-based battles, rpg-elements and many other fun things! This very first epsiode is the ideal way to embark your own journey or in case you already happened to be the aficionado and played every one of the scenes then you are able to rewoke your sense of nostalgia and reminisce how it all has begun - either way it should be fun! Very good luck and earn your place at Pussymon Hunter Society!