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Breeding Season [v Alpha 7.1]

12 April 18

This sport is some thing such as PetVille or even FarmVille. The distinction is that here you will get a whole lot of other and sex naughty things. Offer them and breed different type of hot monsters to make brand new ones.

Breeding Season Alpha 4.6

12 April 18

The new update is already here so the farming process in ths quite special simulator now will get even more fun and more exciting - keep on creating and growing monstersso when the time will come for them to mate they could not only have a great sex but alsoto provide you with new unique species as well! More unique monsters means more money and more money means more breeding activities - simple scheme that you should know by now yet ofcourse there will be a lot of small details that you can master only while playing this game by yourself. So if you have always wanted to get involved into monsters breeding business then barely you will get any better opportunity than the one provided in this game! Notice - this game is for adult audience only!

Rewrite: A Village Life 0.3.0

29 March 21

If you got tired of endless battles and dangers awaiting at every corner then probably you should play this game where you will be taking care of your own garden and farm. But even though it is supposed to be more meditative and relaxing gameplay it is still going to provide you with certain challenges because working on the ground, planting seeds, taking care of the garden is not an easy task and this is not mentioning the stages when you will become wealthy enough to buy some animals for your farm. Nearby there will be a diminutive town where you can not only to sell what you have harvested and to buy new instruments and seeds but also there you will meet a bunch of different characters some of which you could later to seduce if you get interested.

Monster Girl Farmer

1 June 23

In a distant future, a portal to an alternate dimension has been opened, revealing a world full of Monster Girls. These creatures, who have been living in a separate world for centuries, have decided to cross over to the human realm in order to experience a different life. To fit in with society, they have taken the form of human beings, while still retaining some of their Monster Girl traits. Now, these mysterious strangers must learn to adapt to a foreign culture and learn to coexist with the natives. It wont be an easy task, as the locals are likely to be suspicious of outsiders, and the Monster Girls may face discrimination or even hostility


1 October 23

Some hot Furry fun. Enjoy the second version of this game of hot fox fun. As a miner out looking for minerals to mine. You are in the forest gathering minerals. In this newest version of the game there are some added features to help you. An apple which helps with health, as well as gold, glass and sand. Also, there is a hint of some player vs raccoon fun. And don't foreget the hard pile driving ass fucking fox fun in this single adult scene game.

Honeysun Flight Attendant

23 November 23

New life awaits you! But first you must take a long flight to it. And there is nothing can make the long flight more pleasing than hot looking stewardess who also don't mind to have some private fun with one of her passengers... Plus if you will manage to get her contacts then you may have more fun with later when the life in small town and big farm will take most of your attention.