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Hire Me Fuck Me Give Me A Raise Fast Food

10 October 20

The story which you're likely to end up at the start of the game may appear fairly unfair yet in precisely exactly the exact identical moment qiute realistic - you're working in the fastfood restaurant and you're a great employee yet when the moment has come to market among those workers... you have fired so some promiscuous chick can take the place! Nevertheless this scenario has eventually coerced one to make the stir which you've been looking for a while alreday also it's to commence your own fastfood biz! Now it'll be your responsibility to create your location the most well-known and fave in the entire city... and ofcourse it'll be your responsibility to engage and encourage each of the promiscuous girls! Nice and joy game with a great deal of management gameplay components aside from evident manga porn themed articles.


18 October 20

Enormous hot sausage inbetween 2 non the hot buns... is not the wish of anybody who comes in the entrance doors of the fastfood restaurant? And should you your ideas weren't just about the authentic food and you did captured that which we also supposed by those words then become ready to dip into the real world world of ingesting biz in which personal associations could be heaten up in several distinct ways... such as those who can burn the place into the floor! But anything will occur when you will attempt to entice and fuck another or one woman is left all up for you from now on so believe good enough until you may say some word or create certain stir. Visual publication with gameplay components of relationship similator and management approach - that is something which you undoubtedly must taste earlier deny!