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The UPN v0.3 Tentacle Edition

4 May 21

In this interactive 3D intercourse flash game you will enjoy how demons and monsters with tentacles fuck a buxomy succubus. She has 2 pairs of cupcakes and tight arse. Succubus is ready to be a sub for demonic pleasures. She will be up and fuck like a cheap whore. So let's embark the game. First look at the game screen. You see the succubus. Use the mouse to change the camera angle or zoom in on the camera. Click the mouse on the icons and then the game will change the game animated lovemaking scene. See how Succubus deep-throats thick tentacles, and then a demonic dick rips her tight bootie in half. Succubus screams in ache, but it is only a toy in the forearms of lovemaking demons and monsters. Enjoy this game right now.

Swimming Pool Monster: Utter Version

6 May 21

This interactive and funky flash game can tell you a story that happened within the town pool. Thus a inexperienced monster settled within the pool. He's terribly friendly and loves ladies that are sonsie. Ladies commit to play a bit with this monster. Thus let's begin the sport. To induce embarked, take a glance at the assignment. On the primary level, you've got to slap 3 ladies within the bootie. They'll am fond of it. On the second level, you've got to spank the ladies in their massive watermelons. The a lot of levels you pass, the a lot of depraved the tasks are going to be. For instance, undress a lady once she jumps into the pool. Or eat her swollen clitor with tentacles. Or fuck ladies within the vulva and rump. She was positively terribly eternal. Does one need to own an honest time with these sonsie beauties? Then let's begin the game at once and get laid.

Sci-Fi Pleasures

13 May 21

Science fiction themed hentai is in da house so if you always wanted to see how sexy looking blue haired anime babe will be tested in the most kinky ways at some secret laboratory then this is your chance! And ofcourse you will be not just watching but taking a majority part in this experiment by decidng which tools and when to use to make this hottie's pleasure senses to go through the roof!

Goeniko vs Kuromaru

13 May 21

A strange monster has caught a big-chested blonde and wants to have wild fuckfest with her. If you play, you can see it . So on the screen on the left you will see interactive buttons. Click with the mouse and then you can remove the clothes from the doll. Then commence fucking the doll with thick tentacles in her tight and pink cootchie. The blonde groans with pleasure when the tentacles massage her vagina and bean. Then the tentacles begin to fuck the blonde in her humid mouth. Definitely a nymph likes to suck big sausages and gives a monster throat dt. After that, the monster fucks the nymph in the chocolate eye and she reaches anal invasion orgasm. So let's commence the game right now and find out what will happen next.

DA Neru Rigid 3

16 May 21

In the third and final (at least for now) chapter of Neru's adventuresthe stakes of hentai action will get to their quite reasonable tops - after dealing with many fucktoys and perverts' cocksthe main heroine will get fucked by tentacled monster at last! Barely there is any need to tell you anything else so if you are into such themes then probably you have already began watching through this chapterand if not... then probably you should get through it anywyas because besides the pervy themed hentai there will be some sexy dance from the main heroine! The navigation through pages of thisinteractive manga is performed through the simple menu on the right side of the game screen or you cansimply let the story go as it is in auto mode.

Satan in the City

25 May 21

In this interactive flash role-playing game, you'll learn the story that happened during a community. The ufo landed at the sting of the forest. A inexperienced alien came out of it and reached town... And our story began. So, you're a inexperienced alien with massive tentacles. Your mission during this game is to search out a lady and fuck her. To do this, you would like to maneuver round the town. Use the arrow buttons to maneuver the monster to atiny low city. See out for feminine law enforcement officials - they will kill you with the primary shot. Take an honest explore town map and set your route in such some way on avoid reserve conferences. As presently as you discover a weak woman, attack her. Begin her garments and appearance at her naked bod. And that we can fuck her with tentacles in her cooter and caboose till the woman gets knocked up. Maintain an journey without delay.

Princess Peach tentacles sex

20 March 18

Princess Peach could really use some help from her hero boyfriend Mario right now! The deal ui sthat on one great and sunny day Princess Pecah decided to walk around some garden area wher eha snever been before. Actually, she doesn't remeber that anyone was walking through these deserted places... and ofcourse she figures out the reason of that when it's too late! In this area some very horny tentacles are living which are going to fuck anything they can catch and ofcourse they just could not miss this sexy blonde in fancy pink dress! Now Princess Peach will be fucked in many differnet poses like she is some cheap mega-bitch and not a member of the royal family! P.S. And if Mario could help what would he do? After all he is the plumber and not the gardener!

Hentaikey girl tentacle

22 March 18

Hentaikey brings you new hot game from zone-archive! It's about promiscuous anime chick and also a lot of pink tentacles fucking her! No history to follow - just click begin button and you will see nude anime sweetie with beautiful red hair stringing up in the pink tentacles grip... and what will happen next - it's up to you! Command tentacles to play with her nice tits in different modes. Or they can fuck her cootchie - with even more modes to choose. And don't forget about her tight butthole - it will need to be taken care of too! As a bonus - you can dress her up a little (let her keep her boots for example). The only thing left is to know whose pleasure meter will hit it's maximum first! Hentai game where you directive tentacles while they fuck hot anime chick - best game for tonight!

Natsume 2 – Bang-out Tentacles

22 March 18

From this hentai minigame you will find out that slightly something has changed in Natsume's life - this goth chick still looking sexy and being fucked by massive purple tentacles in all slots. And guess what? You will be controlling this tentacles! The idea is ordinary - you choose one of available actions and while you are loving animated fucky-fucky scenes the pleasure bar will be filling up. Once it will get to the certain level you will get access to even more actions which you can combine however you want to. Yet there is a way to loose even in such easy game - just make too long pause and Natsume will be very disappointed that you have not satiated her! If you want more hentai games with minimum story and lots of fucky-fucky scenes then don't forget to check our website!

Futura Gets Busted

22 March 18

Futura is the name of the main heorine of this story who is not only one hot looking babe with curves-rounded-where-it-is-needed but also... a time travller! Yet no matter how smart or sexy she is we all know that fucking with time willsooner or later end up with with time fucking you and since this is a hentai game we are talking about all the fucking is going to get quite real! So don't be surprised when you will see supernatural entity join our time traveller only to fuck her real hard! As a player you are supposed not only to watch but to take certain part in this process as well by selecting different sexual actions and moving the scene towards it's logical finale - the cumshot scene! By the way there will be two options to perform a cumshot so probably you will need to play this game at least twice.

Natsume 2 [Edit]

12 April 18

This is an edited version of Natsume 2 so if you played this game before you might notice few differences in main heroines looks. If not - don't worry about that and just enjoy the game! The game idea is pretty ordinary - hot elven chick is caught by some tentacled monster. This monster is hungry for elven cooters. And he likes to play with them first. But waht exactly he will doo with this huge-titted blondie with pointy ears is up to you as a player to decide. Choose one of few sexual actions to launch the animation and keep sexual pleasure growing. It's possible to tease her vulva or arse, slurp or violate them. Once the pleasure level will get high enough you will unlock new actions - such as anal invasion or vaginal invasion... or even double invasion! Just keep fucking her until climax!

Sewer Doer

12 April 18

In this gameyou will learn about a maniac who lived in the sewers and grabbed girls. You will need to unravel his mysteries and get on his trail. To do this, you need to use cards that will tell you what to do. In general, the game is very interesting and exciting. I don't know how it is on other platforms, but here it looks very good. I liked all the characters, and especially the girl who plays the main role. It looks like the one you see on the screen. She also doesn't like being touched. It is very interesting to follow how you will play and pass this game. I also liked that you can choose a character for yourself, and it will match your mood.

Dusty's Castle

12 April 18

The most important character of this interesting game turned out to be in a strange and ancient castle. Here candles are burning and various incomprehensible sounds are heard. First you want to look around. Let's go to the room on the right. There is a table on which there is a good deal of food. Check it out. Something strange. Let's go down to the basement..there are many distinct items. Hmm.. Well, do it. Definitely need to discover some sort of clues to find a way out. This is the major mission of this game. You must navigate through the castle using the"WASD" buttons as well as interact with game objects to find additional items or tips. This game requires attention and perseverance. Be careful sometimes monsters appear in the castle. You'll be raped by them if they catch you. Survive and find the path to freedom.

Tentacle Orgy

12 April 18

To have a great hentai themed minigame you need basically two things only - hot skinny chick and a bunch of tentcales for each and every of this chick's fuckholes! And yes, this minigame has all of the requirments fullfilled - take pleasure in animated scenes and click on the 'next 'button whenever when you are ready to heaten the action up! As a bonus girl's glasses can be turned on or off with a click of a button (in the upper left corner).

Angel Girl Full Version

17 April 18

Finally you can play the full version of pretty favored action game titled as"Angel Girl X". In case you were planning to unwind then probably you should check our website for other games because this one has xxx gameplay in it. The idea of it is ordinary. You require control over hot looing angel damsel and try to get through a long hall to the exit. The only problem is that this hall is filled with hordes of all kinds of different monsters and other dangers! You will need to evade them or give them a proper fight otherwise Angel Girl will loos eall of her clothes and after it will happen each monster she will meet on her path will try to fuck her - one way or another! If such things happen you will need to make Angel Girl to escape as soon as possible or she will get fucke dtill death!

Zone Tan Tentacle

1 May 18

Found some fantastic old game about tentacles. Probably you expectthat the game will have some continuing? No! When you see the end screen saying that you have failed - that's it - game has ended. Select actions on the left side and enjoy the show. Try againbutton also will not get the job done.

Kunoiti 3

1 May 18

This hot buxomy babe is also a kunoiti - ninja princess of a old clan. Yet in this game she will be used only like hot buxomy babe - which means she will get tied up, unwrapped, touched everewherey and of course fucked! The game is in asian language but controls are pretty clear - use big black triangle in right bottom corner to move to the next scene. But don't forget that most of the scenes are interactive so before going to next one try to find hot spots in current scenes - for example point and click on kunoiti's big naked breasts to make the to bounce. In the next scene you will be allowed to tickle her and tease ehr everywhere. Only then you will get to the most important gameplay where you're able to use forearms and instruments to make this buxomy chick into the bdsm kingdom!

Cortas Platformer

1 May 18

In this game - which as you probably have already gussed from its title is going to be a platformer - you are going to play as some huge-titted elf chick. And not some elf lady - space elf lady because her spaceshi has crashed on some strange planet filled with hostile forms of life and now our heroine will have to get to the destination point without being fucked by all those monsters till death. And if you think that this going to be an easy walk with hentai scenes all along the way then think again because this game is made in genre of metroidvania which means the level here will be long and with complicated architecture. In case if you happen to hammer this level somehow you can always replay it but this time don't forget to create your own character.

Kanzen Koryaku Tifa 2

14 May 18

Looks like there is more hentai parodies starring Tifa Lockhart thanthere are re-releases of her official game and barely we shoudl inetrrept such nice tradition so here is one more! The story begins with this busty bruentte getting captured (yeah, she gets caprtured once again and we even stopped counting on what exactly time this happens) yet this time her captor is not some gurad or powerful richman - this time Tifa got caught by tentacled monster! And guess what the best partof it? That you will be the one who controls this moster! So play with Tifa's delicious bodycurves, strip her down, spread her legs and do a lot of quite kinky things with her! The game is in japanese languagebut barely this will stop you from spending some funtime with such hottie as Tifa!


25 May 18

A flash that I have been working on for a long time. There's been lots of troubles in the making, but now it is finally done. I don't really have much to say other than, have fun.


29 May 18

This animated story is about the Underground King and hot lady from the Surface that he liked so much that had to send his loyal minions to abduct her! Ofcourse the reason for such terrible act is demonstrable - he wished to fuck this cutie as soon as possible and even has ready his multiple tentacles in case if this lady will try to fight and struggle his"signs of attention"... but as you will see later she seems to get turned on by such things as tentacles sneaking into each and every of her fuckholes and after proper foreplay she will enjoy this whole sexual act even more that this Underground King does! There won't be any gameplay in this one so you could relieve and enjoy this colorful hentai themed animation without any distractions.

Castellum Res Venereae 2

17 June 18

Second part comes with new levels and challenges. Here you'll see 12 scenes from previous part and 12 new sex scenes. Your task is to reach exit door and avoid all traps on your way. Use Arrow keys to move and jump.

Teenager Titans Tentacles 1

22 June 18

The evil obliges are spreading their villainous presence once again which means that once again the band of young heroes will have to stand in their way. You may know this superhero group as"teenage Titans" and looks like today will beocme the ultimate test for probably the most powerfull of them - the daughter of hellsih demon Trigon and just ultra-cute looking goth teenage named Raven! And even though this animation is not very long you will get your chance to check how resilent and detremined Raven stays even when she has to fight on her own against the whole lot of perverted tentacles trying to use each and every of her fuckholes! The overall level of kinkiness is equally as excellent as the animation level which makes it one of the best TT hentai themed parodies that you can find on our website!

Satan Girl: The Flash

24 June 18

Life in hell is a multitude for all. And demons and sinners. A young huge-titted demoness fell into a sexual trap. And now she will receive a sexual orgasm every day for many hundreds of years. On the first day of her fuck fat tentacles, tearing her honeypot from the inside. On the second day, her culo will be rudely bruised to scars. On Wednesday, the purple monster will fuck this huge-titted demoness in the mouth. Then the beloved doggystyle on Thursdays. On Friday, rough and hard double foray into the honeypot and moist mouth. At the weekend, ass fucking penetration. But on Sunday the demoness can get to Paradise. But just for a few moments, that would go back to the sexual devilish pleasures.