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29 October 20

Every good story usually embarks with a few horrible injury which makes primary characters to move farther out of their bland and lodged lifestyles and this story will not be an exclusion. Main personalities after an episode wind up to the tropical island that appears to be absolutely inhabitant so there'll be a lot of impprtant due to their survival tasks which need to get solved. The simple fact that our chractres are boy and female can clearly add couple more issues which other folks would call"connections". Ofcourse you may consider this scenario as'a few dude has finally got his opportunity to create a move to a female whiel they on a tropical shore' however you still might need to assist them to get thru this with making decisions and decisions all of the way from now on.

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ASH KETCHUP wrote: 12 March 23

I used a calculator

Cocaine wrote: 12 March 23


Blazer wrote: 4 March 23

This is actually a pretty well made game, I wasn't really expecting much, but it was good

meth wrote: 25 February 23


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