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29 October 20

Staying independently with sexy looking chick on a gorgeous tropical island is something which eacn and each videogame protagonist is dreaming about... unless you will get with this island following seroious crash! And because you have very likely guessed that is exactly what's occurred with two chief characters of this game at the start of their story however what's going to happen together will be described not only by the normal occasions but your conclusions too! Properly drawn and composed visual book with nearly old-school"robinson crusou" narrative which non less likely to get far more of arousing as well as sensual minutes - after all you're on the shore with a sweetie in a bathing suit duvet therefore scarcely it's going to be somthing bland, do not you agree?

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ASH KETCHUP wrote: 12 March 23

I used a calculator

Cocaine wrote: 12 March 23


Blazer wrote: 4 March 23

This is actually a pretty well made game, I wasn't really expecting much, but it was good

meth wrote: 25 February 23


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