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Gamers (of CUM Porn Games) are synonymous with masturbators, not because they play games per se, but because the lifestyle they lead and the hobbies they like usually come with a price -- that price is being socially inept and failing to acquire the one achievement which they can never achieve in any video game ever: Getting a real girlfriend. Not all gamers out there fit this profile, but most of them do and they`re usually pretty familiar with bore culture shit like Anime, super ironic deep-fried memes, and others. I have never been one for watching animated or 3D CGI chicks gettingfucked by animated or 3D CGI dicks. This is the same reason I never got into CUM Porn Games... it`s too far from the real thing for my tastes. Don`t play too long. Marathon gaming can be a fun way to pass the time, however, it can have a important negative impact on your health. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can leave your back in pain and the repetitive motion of controlling the game can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Make sure to take frequent breaks when gaming, and get up and move around away from the television or monitor to give your body and eyes a rest.

Barely Working

21 September 22

This game is about a secretary who is left to do her job. To be more productive, you have to stimulate her. Including fucking or undressing. At the moment, she has two options: either it will be sex in the office, or in the bathroom. In the bathroomshe will undress, and in the office she will have sex. You can also choose the option with undressing. Each level has its own ending. The game is very simple and does not require special attention and concentration. All you have to do is press the buttons to make her undress.

Rikku hentai 3 dimensional – Final Fantasy XXX

22 March 18

If you enjoyed the videogame series"Final fantasy" then you know that these games has a lot of strong and sexy female characters. Such as Rikku for example. And since Rikku is a funny, slim and ultra-cute lkooking blonde there is no wonder that she become the main hero o hentai parody that you can play right here and now? So what do you say - are you ready to fuck Rikku tonight? The gameplay here is extra easy - just munch on the arrow buttons and follow the story about one lucky date from Rikku's life. She meets her boyfriend on a castle wall where she is teasing him with striptease. Later when they find the hall with no other people she is more than glad to know that her teasing has worked flawlessly - a lot of fuck-a-thon positions and several creampie cumshots follow!

The Incredibles

7 May 18

The famous superheroes Mr Incredible and Elastigirl are going to have a sparring wrestling match tonight... yet ofcourse they will be having it in the terms of hentai parody which in more simple words means that these two are going to have some good fucking! And if you always wanted to see how this big and strong dude will be pounding the most stretchy milf then you are welcomed to join the party right here and right now by playing a simple minigame the main goal of which will be selecting different sex actions from the list in order to help main characters to reach the one hundred percent level of pleasure! These characters are not so often make appearance in interactive hentaiso even if you have never been a big fan you still should not skip this one!

Jizm Shot

15 July 18

Whenever your dick is on his mind it is far better for you personally. He's got a ton larger dream how to produce your wife touch faking as a small nice pup. And your spouse will probably be unsteady to adopt him.

Celebrity Brothel

20 April 21

Making fascinating discoveries and being a man of science can be enjoyable--as long as you don't have enough money totry to make it. What if, however, the most recent work on creating individual masks that let you switch a person's face for another one is finished? In this situation, you will unavoidably launch your own company using the model you currently have. Your goal is to make the scientist wealthy so that he can keep doing research. There are various methods for doing this. Take part in the game to find out.


17 July 20

"Gravity Rush" is quite interesting videogame which was very popular some time ago yet even though it may be forgotten by some by now it's main heorines are still looking just as sexy as before! And this simplel but fun interactive hentai parody is going to remind you of that because here you will not only see Kat as main heroine but you will also become her virtual partner while she will be demonstrating her skills of... performing a thighjob! And if you will play along then you can later enjoy great cumshot scene with Kat's pretty face being all covered after wich you are free either to play with her once again or you can go to our website and play many fun hentai parodies starring your favorite anime and videogames characters there!

Erza Scarlet inflation breast expansion

8 April 21

Todayon the main ringyou are going to witness the most spectacular event of this season - gorgeous redhead Erza Scarlett versus... tentacled monster! Yet what is happening? Just after few second after the start this match turns into... into gangbang sort of? Or how else could you call a scene where busty anime chick is getting fucked in all of her fuckholes at once by different tentacles? Gangnabgit is! And if you are ready to witness of what will happen furtehr then click on the 'next' button - the events will be getting only hotter and more kinky with each new scene! It is hard to say was Erza involved into such extreme sex before yet she seems to keep fighting till thevery end! So the only question is are you the fan of hentai enough to see how this match will end?

Monsters Jism

24 June 18

This game is a parody that happend few years after the events of original movie"Monsters Inc". So no wonder this parody has turned out to be the hentai way! In this game (well, it is more flash animated cartoon really because there won't be any gameplay at all) you will meet Boo once again. Girl from the first movie has growned up and now she has really nice tits and very sweet booty. Probably that is why big monsters are visiting her again entering he rbedroom through thecloset as before. What is the true reason of these late night visits? Just watch this animation and you will find out! Once again - this game is pure parody and all chracters that depicted in this game are of legal age (if there is any legal age for hairy monster from the closet).

Super Princess Peach Bonus Game

3 July 18

You might wonder why there are words"Bonus Game" in the title. Well, it is because events of this game will happen after Mario has finally found the right castle and now is planning to get his rewards from Princess Peach... yet he forgot to do one thing - he forgot to defeat Bowser before entering this chamber! So now you will have to hurry up. You will nee dto find all the right actions you can do with Princess Peach so you could fuck her and you will have to do it fast enough not ot get caught by Bowser. To add some motivation let us say that Princess Peach here is drawn both uber-cute and sexy and her amazing bubble butt looks awesome from behind and the opportunity of playing with it from Mario's point of view is not something that any aficionado will want to miss!

Cum Maze

10 May 23

Play as a cute blonde chick and try to find the way out of labyrinth before it will be drowned with big amount of cum! The monster who spreads his semen can appear anytime and anywhere so clealry the key to success is not to stay still and not to get caught into deadends. Once you will find an exit point you can relax a little bit and enjoy cute looking blonde from the side - in short but sexy videoclips!

Fandel Tales

10 May 23

First of all this one here is not a full game but a scene viewer so if you care not for long boring dialogs and ephemeral motivations and only want to see hot chicks are getting fucked by some monsters then you are exactly where you need to be. You can pick one of three characters: redhead female knight (knightess?) who prefers to 'fight 'with several enemies at once, sneaky blonde chick who happened to pen the 'wrong 'chest and ebony sorceress who is collecting required resources in quite unusal way.

NYE 2024

2 January 24

A fun and simple game for the new year 2024! Ring in this New Year with a lovely model with big firm tits and a tight ass. Give her a champagne like splash with a face full of hot cum. She enjoys lots of cock to the face and a bukkake spluge bath is something she would welcome to start out her new year. Give her a try with a load to her sweet face and maybe some to those big tits of hers too!

H-Sim: Elven Ellona

25 February 24

Tonight you are probably the most lucky man in the entire kingdom! Why? Because tonight it is you who have gorgeous elven princess tied up to your bed absolutely naked! She is your paper playdoll, your living sextoy and you are welcomed to enjoy her beautfiul body in many different ways. And in many different modes: story mode will alow you to epxlore game's features step by step while free mode lets you to focus on what you personally prefer.